An American Movie


Wed Jan 23


9:00 PM






An American Movie explores music through intense meditativeimprovisation, An American Movie will take you on a journey and back again,defying limitations and crossing boundaries. WE JAM HARD.
An American Movie is:

Drums: Robert Wolffe
Bass: R.M. Isaiah
Lead Guitar: Adam Stowers
Rhythm Guitar: Michael Porrello
Fiddle: Kim Wade

This is,,,What You Want:

Super Soul Space Rock Blues. Everything your soul desires,here to live it up and bring the party for you.

**An American Movie**
An American Movie is a SF based 5 piece rock band heavily invested in dynamics and atmosphere. Stemming from rock and roll routes with guitar riffs, funky bass lines, high energy fiddle and in the pocket drum grooves, this band is gonna keep you dancing all night long.

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