Katdelic (feel dirty funk) + Stevie Redstone &DJ Kevvy Kev

Katdelic (feel dirty live funk) + Stevie Redstone Band + DJ Kevvy Kev


Fri Mar 29


9:15 PM





  • Show Time: Friday, March 29th, 9:15 PM til 3:00 AM+
  • Door Time: 8:00 PM *Free Admission Before 9:00 PM*
  • Show Type: Live Funk New Rock Psychedelic Legend (Think Prince meets P-Funk) + a Badass Light show
  • Restrictions: 21 & over



Boom Boom Room is bringing out the FUNK & the PSYCHEDELIC DANCE ELECTRICITY in this all night stellar vibes party show with P Funk Allstar… RonKat Spearman’s…



“feel dirty funk, psychedelic new-wave, all original live music and a non-stop intergalactic star party spectacular” 






* DJ Kevvy Kev *

(of Hip Hop ROTC and Wu-Tang Decks) 



RonKat is a grammy nominated/song writer of the year winner. He was a vocalist/musician with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic from 2000 to 2010. Touring the world with GCPF has enriched his talents and pushed his skills to even higher levels of achievement. RONKAT’s music is a combination of funk and rock. Bridging unbelievably tasteful elements of multi-genres in a musical blend of pure magic. Katdelic began as RonKat’s off the road project for the past few years but as of 2010 (with George Clinton’s Blessing) Ronkat devoted all of his time and work to work on his D.O.T.M.S. (Dance On The Mothership) CD .Ronkat picks up on the incredibly high standard set forth by George Clinton with Funkadelic. He takes this framework and contextures it to a new paradigm of futuristic jubilance. Dr. Funkenstein himself show up in this and personally hands over to Ronkat the keys to the ever-mystical and Fonk-N on Mothership. Just when you thought the funk could get no deeper, it just did. Ronkat Spearman has delivered the best funk record of the year. It crackles, bubbles, grinds and oozes with so much sonic groove. Ronkat is one of the new breed of multi-instrumentalist, producer-visionaries out of the bubbling Bay Area Funk scene. Every…track….rocks. All songs written, produced, performed, engineered, mixed, vocals and lyrics by Ronkat Spearman. Ronkat’s genius perpetually serves up one good groove after another the not only packs a dance floor, it challenges the listener to soul-search and self-examine through uncanny thought-provoking lyrical imagery. This Kat has something to say.




Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Stevie Redstone is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Combining musical influences as diverse as The Beatles, Allman Bros, Phish and the legends of Motown / Stax, Stevie’s music is a refreshing combination of pop-rock, soul, funk, and blues, filled with melody, mood, energy, and honesty.

Originally cutting his teeth in the band “Redstone Hall” who’s first E.P. was produced by famed Nashville producer Dave Cobb, Stevie went solo releasing his single “Good Time Go So Fast” in 2015 to critical acclaim.  His love affair with the live show is obvious and his unmatched energy is not only evident, but nothing short of captivating.  There’s a reason Redstone has had the honor of opening for legends such as The Who, Robert Plant, and Dave Grohl; it’s the same reason why Redstone’s loyal following is swelling and his recent L.A. shows have been packed to ‘sweaty capacity.’

In 2017 Stevie began working on his new album “Colors” with Nic Jodoin at the world famous Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  The result is an album that is palpably organic, real, and performance driven – his favorite type of music.