LANTZ LAZWELL & THE VIBE TRIBE plus Special Guests: * TV Broken 3rd Eye Open *


Fri Sep 17


9:00 PM



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plus Special Guests:

* TV Broken 3rd Eye Open *


Lantz Lazwell is a larger then life  figure, part guitar hero, part comic book character and all around soul brother.

Audiences have no choice but to throw caution to the wind as they lead you thru a multi-layered, poly textural labyrinth of funky, bluesy rock n roll.  The stylishly attired frontman commands the stage with the charisma of a natural born performer.

Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe grab hold like a purple feathered Boa constrictor, delving into unexpected regions of…

Funk, Soul, blues, and jam Rock.

If you thought this band was a party in the past, now with the addition of a horn section, they are “a down right dance floor killah! Slaying reinvented covers and owning instantly lovable originals, they will leave jaws agape while keeping the dance floor humming.

Lazwell has also shared the stage w such greats as George Clinton, Bernie Worrel (Talking Heads), Stephen Perkins ( Janes Addiction), Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), and the Neville Brothers. 

Their new record, “Counter Clockwise”, features George Clinton, Stephen Perkins , Norwood Fisher, and Eric McFadden (P-Funk Allstars)…. and is due to drop Summer 2021.

This new lineup Also features:

Isaac Parsons – original bass player of the Mother Hips


Jenes Carter of Mojo Green.

Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe :

Lantz Lazwell

George Brahler

Isaac Parsons

Patrick Lema

Alex severson

Chris Tea

Byron Colborn

Jenes carter


TV Broken 3rd Eye Open:

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is an eclectic and versatile seven-piece band that fuses together a multitude of musical styles from across the world into a psychedelic explosion of sound. Equipped with didgeridoos, sitars, guitars, world percussion, keys, synthesizers,  drums, bass, flutes, harmonicas, banjos, and the kitchen sink; it is a musical ensemble like no other. The band draws inspiration from a myriad of musical genres such as afro funk, jazz, psychedelic groove, Indian, folk, blues, and even spaghetti western circus cabaret. Though the band’s sound is unique in its own right, the TV Broken 3rd Eye Open experience also has a significant visual component.

Grooving and playing with so many different styles and sound textures has allowed the band to continuously grow from a style perspective. Just as their music has grown, so too has their festival presence. Having played at festivals such as Electric Forrest, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle and Lucidity; TV Broken 3rd Eye Open’s exposure is on the rise.