LONNIE GREEN *The Strutter's Room Experience*

Lonnie Green presents... ** The Strutter’s Room Experience **


Thu Sep 16


8:30 PM



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Lonnie Green presents…


** The Strutter’s Room Experience **


The Inner-City Black Dance Culture

Lonnie “The Fillmore Kid” Green (a.k.a. PopTart)
is the internationally re-known cultural icon of San Francisco “Strutting”.…the dynamic form of movement from The Day Before Hip Hop that draws upon the family traditions of blues, gospel, jazz, funk, soul and electro through the 1970’s and 80’s.

A veteran dancer/choreographer who has been featured in over 23 music videos, PopTart’s career has single-handedly preserved the undocumented era of entertainment that influenced everyone from Michael Jackson to Missy Elliot.

** Experience the legacy of San Francisco’s 40+ year tradition directly in the heart of the community that birthed it. **

…style of music will cover gospel, blues, jazz, funk, electro and Hip Hop

In collaboration with Tart Productions International, The Strutter’s Room, Hip Hop Congress and BRS Dance Alliance.