Mike Dillon,Nikki Glaspie,Brian Haas *PUNKADELICK* + Lazwell

Mike Dillon, Nikki Glaspie, Brian Haas *PUNKADELICK* (w/ Reed Mathis) + LANTZ LAZWELL & THE VIBE TRIBE TRIO


Fri Dec 02


9:15 PM




$17 advance *** THIS FUNKY SHOW is GOING from 9:15PM 'til 2:30AM++



Direct from Freaky, Funky New Orleans to San Francisco at Boom Boom Room on Friday Night…



The brand new sound .. Punk-Funk-Rock innovators…


Mike Dillon, Nikki Glaspie, Brian Haas


with special guests (including):


(Bassist – Tea Leaf Green/Electric Beethoven+)


and… (opening the night ..):




THIS is the Freak-Funk of Parliament and the ‘anything fits’ outsider ethos of Acid-Fried Punks like the Meat Puppets.

It’s the sound of six hands creating a world that often sounds like the work of an ensemble three times the size.

What began as a pandemic-era solo project soon evolved into this star-studded…hard hittin’…

Power Funk-Punk Super Trio




MIKE DILLON (Ricki Lee Jones, Ani DiFranco, Les Claypool) on vibraphone, marimba, Prophet 6, congas, and bongos,

BRIAN HAAS (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey) on Fender Rhodes, piano, bass Moog, melodica

NIKKI GLASPIE (Beyonce) on drums, cymbals, vocals.


While Dillon bristles at the “punk jazz” tag, punk rock remains a core influence to the band, in sound and spirit.

Punk rock is not a prefab thing, it’s about the freedom,” he says, speaking of the band’s  no rules, no genres” approach. “We have no genre restriction in this band, and people whoget it really respect that.”


Bending ears andsurprising audiences has long been part of Dillon’s MO and Glaspie and Haas actas perfect foils for forays into the weird.

“We try to challenge our listeners,” Dillon says. “We’re touching a nerve with people who maybe don’t want to see the same songs done in the same variations all night long.”


Audiences don’t know whether they are getting a Jamband, or a jazz group or a rock band.

“Part of my mission is taking these instruments that are primarily designed for the orchestral or jazz world and taking them to the rock world, the club world, running them through pedals and effects,” he adds. “We’re not afraid to be soft, or to surprise. That’s what we all do in this band — get beyond our own conceptions of what music is supposed to be.”

“We are so blessed and lucky to do what we do for a living — it’s apparent in the music,”

Glaspie chimes in.

“It doesn’t matter how the day is going, but we get to the club, set up and crush the gig,  all the other stuff doesn’t matter. We’re like minded individuals who love life, love people and want to spread happiness.”


Maybe this is the greatest example of this band’s punk-steeped sonic free-for-all

This is the new shiiiiit…






Lantz Lazwell is a larger then life figure, part guitar hero, part comic book character and all around soul brother.

Audiences have no choice but to throw caution to the wind as they lead you thru a multi-layered, poly textural labyrinth of funky, bluesy rock n roll.

this band is lit to pop, and ready to explode w funky grooves that will keep you in the floor all night. New Album  coming this summer feat. George Clinton, Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), and other members of Parliament Funkadelic!

Funk, Soul, blues, and jam Rock.

If you thought this band was a party in the past, now with the addition of a horn section, they are “a down right dancefloor killah! Slaying reinvented covers and owning instantly lovable originals,they will leave jaws agape while keeping the dance floor humming.


Lazwell has also shared the stage with such greats as George Clinton, Bernie Worrel (Talking Heads), Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), and the Neville Brothers.